New Years Resolution – Experiencing Something New Each Week

This past December I reflected on several significant learning experiences, both good and bad, and considered myself lucky to have had them.  As they occurred, I was aware I was going through a learning experience, no matter how painful or enjoyable it might have been.  But then I thought, why not be more intentional about learning and make it a weekly goal.  So I challenged myself to either learn something new, experience something new, or visit a new place at least once each and every week.  In addition, I wanted to make a record of what I learned.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this initiative is the awareness that I am learning something so that the experience does not just pass me by.  This post is my commitment to the resolution.  I will begin by discussing my new experiences in subsequent posts.  Stay tuned!

What are some of your new years resolutions?  Have you/Will you be documenting your results?  If so, please share with us how we may stay updated on your progress.


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