New Experience #2 – Cooking Crab Dishes

I enjoy cooking and it has been a while since I learned to cook something new and completely unrelated to a cuisine I am familiar with.  So a couple of weeks ago I decided to learn how to cook a variety of crab dishes including crab cakes, crab chowder, and crab legs.  Thanks to I was able to find recipes and shopping lists to guide the learning experience.  This was made even more fun by inviting a friend to join in on the experimentation.  We both learned how to cook the three crab dishes and as we were the only ones to eat it we can say with the utmost confidence that it was a delicious success!  And perhaps as a bonus, in the process we realized that as it was listed in the recipe, it was difficult to form the crab cakes into appropriately sized patties that maintained their structure.  For the last two we actually took the mix and put it in a food processer and found the processed mix to be much more moldable and consistent.  It was a fun night and the reward was tasty!

Here are a few pictures from the new cooking experience…

First Run Crab Cakes...before coming up with a new approach

Second run Crab Cakes - after we put the ingredients in a food processor

Making the crab chowder

The finished product including crab cakes and crab chowder

Overall, a very tasty experience!

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