New Experience #4 – Learning to Play Chess

Let the games begin!

For the longest time I have wanted to learn to play Chess, but never really took the time.  The closest I ever got was when I was a child and a friend of my father tried to teach me, but at the time I was more interested in playing videogames.

Well, a little over a week ago I sat down, read up on the game, and began playing on my computer.  I have yet to win, but that’s ok.  The author of the lesson I was reading stressed that it takes a lot of practice and you just have to keep on playing – like anything else.  So I will continue to play and learn the game.  So far I have found the experience to be very stimulating and forces me to tune all other distractions out.  I enjoy getting to that level of focus and the game of Chess certainly achieves that.

I will admit, it gets a little trying at times.  And I have to remind myself of what the author says and what I have learned many times in life – it takes practice to learn new things.  Fortunately, most of the time it is enjoyable and I keep learning new things from each and every loss.

This will be one of those learning experiences that continues throughout the year.  It is surely becoming a daily habit to get a couple of games in the morning while I eat breakfast or a couple before bed.  A good friend suggested I get a chess set and play against myself.  Hmmm…well, at least that way I am sure to win!  For now, Chess on my Mac Book is doing the job nicely.

2 thoughts on “New Experience #4 – Learning to Play Chess

  1. Don’t play games to get better.
    Chess is strategy and tactics. Improve tactics by solving puzzles – plenty of free ones on internet or sign up to and use their tactics trainer. Study games to understand strategy.
    Study openings too – don’t just memorize the moves, actually get to understand the strategy behind the moves.
    When you do play a game, annotate it and study the moves after, preferably with the aid of a good computer chess engine like Fritz.
    But chess is mostly tactics. If you want to improve, then practice tactics and puzzles. After a while certain patterns will stick in your mind and they will start to stand out in games.

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