About Roger Osorio

Roger Osorio is a learning strategist, executive coach, and speaker to audiences around the world that include students, professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs, and professional athletes.  After earning an M.S. in Psychology focused on executive coaching & leadership development, Roger set out to test the executive coaching models in education, startups, and corporations.  For over 10 years, Roger’s study and practice has focused on the neuroscience and psychology of learning, peak performance, and expertise development.

Roger is currently an Executive Coach and Program Leader at IBM.  His mission is to design the methods and practices that effectively apply the principles of peak performance to learning and development in organizations.  He believes the most successful organizations of the future will be the ones that are best at growing and developing their own talent.

Prior to being recruited by IBM, Roger was testing his assessment models, coaching math students, and designing curriculum as a math teacher at an all-girl private school in New York City.